Studies on Curie Temperature in Relation to the Magnetic and Electrical Properties Zn & Sb substituted Cu Ferrites

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Author(s) R.Dhanaraju | M.K.Raju | V.Brahmajirao | S.Bangarraju
Pages 253-263
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords Doped Spinel Ferrites, Curie temperature, Coercivity, VSM magnetic studies, Pendulum Magnetometer Technique, Permeability, Verwey’s Hopping Transition, Neel’s temperature, Super Para magnetism, exchange interactions

This paper reports about our Synthesis using solid solution Ceramic method & Curie temperature and related Magnetic and other supporting experimental studies on Two series of doped Spinel ferrites (a)Cu (1 – x) Zn x Fe2 04 (b) Cu (1 – x) Sb x Fe2 04 Where, x varies from( x = 0.0 – 1.0 ) in steps of 0.2. Our results are presented as plots between (1) dopant concentration and Curie temperature and (2) frequency versus initial permeability. Coercivity measurements and correlation with microstructure and morphology analysis, point out concurrent conclusions with many findings of several authors cited from literature.

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