Hysteresis and related magnetic studies on Zn & Sb substituted Cu ferrites in relation to Verwey’s Hopping Transition Mechanism

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Author(s) R.Dhanaraju | M.K.Raju | V.Brahmajirao | S.Bangarraju
Pages 264-276
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords Verweys Hopping Transition Mechanism, Doped Cu-Zn-Sb Ferrites, Hysteresis, Hubbard’s model ,Doped Nanoferrites, Electrical studies, Magnetic & FTIR ,studies, Morphology & structuralstudies,ceramic & solid-solution synthesis of Doped Ferrites

This paper is concerned with the experimental investigation about of the electronic structure of a number of Nano Crystalline Insulating Transition Metal (NCITM) compounds, in the light of Hubbard’s model & Verwey’s Hopping Transition Mechanism(VHTM), as detailed by Hidetoshi Fukuyama[6] in his review in the light of Hysteresis studies . Two series (Cu x Zn (1-x) Fe2 O 4) and (Cu (1-x) Sb2 Fe2 O4) for (x= 0.0 to 1.0) in steps of 0.2, for ‘x’ are Synthesized, by the conventional ceramic method. The single-phase cubic spinel structures of the samples were confirmed by x-ray diffraction patterns. Our earlier reported Morphological studies using SEM , Structural studies using XRD , Electrical conductivity studies , using Hewlett Packard 4192A impedance analyzer, FTIR studies, using BRUKER (ALPHA) FT-IR system with OPUS 6.5 (version) software ,support the findings of the present Hysteresis and related magnetic studies done in our Material science research laboratories . Results are interpreted in the light of VHTM and related models. Very recent Concurrent findings from literature are cited.

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