Investigating Corrosion Performance of MCS and KS7 SS in Different Fluid Environments

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Author(s) Ajide O.O. | Agara K.W. | Adegbola A.A.
Pages 286-291
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords MCS, KS7 SS, CPR, Cassava Fluid, Orange Fluid and Distilled Water

The objective of this paper is to investigate and compare the corrosion resistance of medium Carbon steel (MCS) and KS7 stainless steel in cassava fluid, natural orange fluid and distilled water environments. The MCS and KS7 SS were exposed to 200ml each of these fluids for a period of 36 days. The weight loss was taken at a 3-day interval in order to assess CPR. The experimental results revealed that KS7 SS generally offers a superior corrosion resistance compared to the MCS in the selected fluids media. While MCS is established to be inapt alloy in cassava, orange and distilled water fluids, KS7 SS is a more reliable alternative material for fabrication of machineries for processing cassava, orange and distilled water. However, MCS exhibited fairly satisfactory corrosion resistance behaviour in distilled water when compared to in natural orange and cassava fluids media where corrosion degradation was very highly significant.

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