Influence of Irrigation System on Characteristics of Pulp and Paper Manufactured from Sunflower Stalks

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Author(s) Fadl elmoula Abd alla Idris | Sabah Osman | Safa Idris | Mohammed Alfa
Pages 248-252
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords Sunflower stalks, Pulping process, chemical compositions, physical properties, soda-anthraquinone

Sunflower mainly cultivated for oil production, was evaluated as raw material for pulp and paper making. The irrigated and rain fed sunflower stalks were used to determine the effect of irrigating system on pulp and paper characteristics. The soda- anthraquinone pulping process was used in this study. The study confirms the feasibility of producing pulp and paper from two sunflower stalks been used. Differences in chemical compositions and physical properties of paper manufactured from both stalk were noticed. The cellulose, lignin, ash, 1%NaoH extractive and hot water extractive has been determined for both stalks, furthermore the paper manufactured were subjected to physical properties tests. The tests carried such as burst index, tearing, breaking length and bulk. The results obtained showed that, the pulp produced from irrigated stalks recorded higher values of hot water extractive, 1%NaoH extractive, cellulose, ash contents and yield percentage comparable with same contents obtained from rain fed stalks. On the other hand the physical properties showed slightly differences in burst index (3.26,3.24)for irrigated and rain fed stalks respectively, the tearing resistance it seem to be higher (4.32) for product of irrigated stalks compared with (3.19) value obtained for rain fed stalks.

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