Krivaja – Konjuh Ophiolite Complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina Addition to Study on Mineral Composition of Metamorphic Rocks

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Author(s) Operta.M, Hyseni.S
Pages 205-215
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords BiH, the Krivaja – Konjuh ophiolite complex, amphibolites rocks, secondary components, accessory components, optical, roentgen examinations, microsonde analyses

The paper gives the results on researches of sporadically and accessory components of the amphibolites rocks in the south rim of the Krivaja – Konjuh ophiolite complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By optical analyses and x-ray fluorescene spectroscopy examinations as well as electronic microprobes, it was established that in analyzed amphibolites were sporadically found these: corundum, spinels (chrome spinel, hercinite, chrome hercinite and magnesium-chromites), chlorites (clinochlore and ripidolite), zeolite minerals (thomsonite and mesolite), prehnite, epidote-clinocoisite, analcime, albite and serpentine. Examinations indicated that corundum has been found in amphibolites schists as important, secondary and accessory component in form of grain aggregates, like porphyroblast and root mineral. Corundum porphyroblasts contain small inclusions of clinochlore and tchermakite partially transformed into margarite and anorthite, what was proved by x-ray fluorescene spectroscopy and microsonde analyses. Corundum roots which cut corundum amphibolites rarely appear stretch parallel with pholiatia, and they arouse by post-cinematic secretion. The investigations of flaw minerals covered polarization microscopic examinations, x-ray examinations, and electronic micro-probe cmemical analyses. The flaw minerals found are as follows: prehnite, zeolite minerals including thomsonite, mesolite, epidote-clinocoisite, chlorite, calcite and less frequently plagioclase-albite, anorthite, quartz, corundum and analcime formed in the post-consolidation stage of hydro-thermal activities mainly under low-degree metamorphic conditions. Corundum veins and seams crosscuting corundum amphibolites formed post-kinematic secretion. By the researches on amphibolites rocks, there were established the presence of accessory components, with dominant participation of magnetite, titanite, ilmenite, rutile, zircon, apatite, phlogopite and biotite.

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