Verwey’s Hopping Transition Mechanism in relation to Dielectric studies of Zn & Sb substituted Cu ferrites

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Author(s) R.Dhanaraju | M.K.Raju | V.Brahmajirao | S.Bangarrajua
Pages 275-285
Volume 1
Issue 5
Date May, 2012
Keywords Dielectric studies, substituted spinel ferrites, frequency dependence of electrical property, microwave sintered method, citrate precursor method, Ni-Cu-Zn ferrite, dielectric loss, Verwey’s Hopping Transition Mechanism, FTIR studies, Charge ordering , Anderson’s correlated electron theory, Saturation magnetization , Sintering aids , Dielectric loss.

Significant information about the substituted ferrites, in relation to their several applications, is revealed by their Dielectric studies. We present the studies on Zn &Sb substituted Cu ferrites, carried out at Material Science Research Laboratories, Department of Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530003, A.P., INDIA. We studied the variation of dielectric constant with substituent concentration, and its frequency dependence .This paper reports the results of those studies and their comparison with very recent similar ones of literature in relation to VHTM. Our findings are in tune with several interpretations for similar works, by a host of other authors cited.

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