Markov Models of Telephone Speech Dialogues

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Author(s) O.I. Sheluhin | A.A. Atayero | M.O. Eyinagho | J.O. Iruemi
Pages 126-131
Volume 1
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Markov models, Statistical multiplexing, Speech processing, Packet switching, QoS

Analogue speech signals are the most natural form of communication among humans. The contemporary methods adopted for the analysis of voice transmission by packet switching were designed mainly with respect to a Poisson stream of input packets, for which the probability of an active packet on each input port of the router is a constant value in time. An assumption that is not always valid, since the formation of speech packets during a dialogue is a non-stationary process, in which case mathematical modeling becomes an effective method of analysis, through which necessary estimates of a network node being designed for packet transmission of speech may be obtained. This paper presents the result of analysis of mathematical models of Markov chain based speech packet sources vis-à-vis the peculiarities of telephone dialogue models. The derived models can be employed in the design and development of methods of statistical multiplexing of packet switching network nodes.

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