Conjugate Effects of Radiation and Viscous Dissipation on Natural Convection flow over a Sphere with Pressure Work

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Author(s) M. Miraj | M. A. Alim | Shahidul Alam | M. R. Karim
Pages 141-150
Volume 1
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords Natural convection, Radiation heat transfer, Prandtl number, Nusselt number, Viscous dissipation parameter and Pressure work.

The effects of viscous dissipation and radiation on natural convection flow along a sphere with pressure work have been investigated. The governing equations are transformed into dimensionless non-similar equations by using set of suitable transformations and solved numerically by the finite difference method along with Newton’s linearization approximation. We have focused our attention on the evaluation of velocity profiles, temperature profiles, shear stress in terms of local skin friction and the rate of heat transfer in terms of local Nusselt number for different values of radiation parameter, Prandlt number, heat generation parameter, magnetic parameter, joule heating parameter and viscous dissipation parameter and the numerical results have been shown graphically.

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