Modeling Essentials of Content Management System (CMS) for Web-Based MIS Applications

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Author(s) Md. Sadique Shaikh | Vasundhara Fegade
Pages 132-136
Volume 1
Issue 3
Date March, 2012
Keywords CMS, WCMS, Open source CMS tools, CMS-vendors, VO, CMS publishing, MIS

Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) consist of applications used to create, manage, store and deploy content on the Web, including text, graphics, video or audio, and application code. Web Content Management Systems are often a component of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. However, the scope of these standards is limited to the basic WCMS solution The Content Management layer contains the core components for the Web Content Management Application. The authorization component grants the appropriate privileges to users, based on their respective roles. Library Services provide the core content management functionality (check-in/out, version control), along with Publish, Staging, Logging, and Content Reporting/Auditing. Basic Workflow, embedded in most WCM solutions, provides for basic routing of content jobs. The Web Interface and Portal Application present the content to the various user segments, based on their authorization. Remote port lets (e.g., web parts, gadgets, widgets) can be used to embed content management functionality or sourced content in portals provided by other vendors. The search indexing engine can create searchable indexes from websites supported by WCMS solutions. Websites may also be independently indexed by NIH enterprise search engines. This paper concerned with some review work, introduction to towards some basic modeling of CMS/WCMS with the reference of entire reviewed sources.

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