Vol. 1, No.7 July 2012

Pages 322-390

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Estimating the Potential to Achieve Electrical Energy from Biomass Resources in Iran (A Case Study in Isfahan) Abstract PDF
   Hossein Shahinzadeh | Hajar Ghotb | Masoud Tavanarad | Sayed amin feghhi | Mohammad Hajahmadi 322-328
- Modeling the Reliability and Availability Characteristics of a System with Three Stages of Deterioration Abstract PDF
   Ibrahim Yusuf | Suleiman K | Saminu I. Bala | U. A. Ali 329-337
- Optical Polarization Filters and Splitters Based on Multimode Interference Structures using Silicon Waveguides Abstract PDF
   Trung-Thanh Le | Manh-Cuong Nguyen 338-342
- Experimental Study of CO2 Contamination on the Porosity of Dry Kwale Field Reservoir Rock Abstract PDF
   Adebayo, Thomas Ayotunde | Olawumi Bukola Funke 343-345
- Effect of Xylanases from C. Disseminatus SW-1 NTCC-1165 on Pulp and Effluent Characteristics during CEHH Bleaching   of Soda-AQ Bagasse Pulp Abstract PDF
   Swarnima Agnihotri | Dharm Dutt | Amit Kumar 346-357
- Computer Security Awareness and Vulnerabilities: An Exploratory Study for Two Public Higher Institutions in Ghana Abstract PDF
   Eldad Antwi-Bekoe | Simon Gyasi Nimako 358-375
- Comparator Factors for Single Standardization Techniques in Elemental Analysis of Archaeological Matrices Abstract PDF
   Njinga R.L | Jonah S.A | Oladipo M.O.A | Ewa I.O.B | Alfa B 376-383
- Random and Gene Specific Amplification as Tool for Phylogenetic Assessment: A Study of HIV Subjects From North   India Abstract PDF
   A. K. Sharma | V. N. Sharma | N. R. Kalla | V. Sharma 384-390

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