Comparator Factors for Single Standardization Techniques in Elemental Analysis of Archaeological Matrices

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Author(s) Njinga R.L | Jonah S.A | Oladipo M.O.A | Ewa I.O.B | Alfa B
Pages 376-383
Volume 1
Issue 7
Date July, 2012
Keywords Flux distribution, Cadmium lined, Specific Activity Ratio, NIRR-1, dose rate, research reactor.

The evaluations of comparator factors (Fc) in irradiation position of a nuclear research reactor provide accurate bases for elemental concentration in any form of matrices. These values have been experimented to be very close to theoretical values. This implies that the k0-INAA and k0-ENAA technique employed in this work shows no irregularities in the obtained efficiency, data-entry, decay time used, and the dead time of < 6 %. The experimental value in inner irradiation position (B-2) is 7.120E+05 while theoretical value is 7.330E+05 with a percentage deviation of 2.86 (from theoretical value). In large outer irradiation position (A-3) we obtained the experimental value of 1.170E+06 and the theoretical value of 1.210E+06 with a percentage deviation of 3.310 (from theoretical value). The experimental values were obtained using Au (0.1%) - Al monitor foil and a neutron flux setting of 5.00E+11 cm-2.s-1. A further analysis of ten archaeological samples using k0-ENAA technique revealed that the concentration of U/Np , Th/Pa and K (dose rate) increases inwardly from the earth surface.

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