Vol. 1, No.1 January 2012

Pages 2-67

Accepted Refereed Research Articles

- Foundation of Vortex Gravitation, Cosmology and Cosmogony Abstract
  Sergey Orlov 2-20
- Use of Ontological Analysis for Student Skills Control in E-Learning: Semantic Web Approach Abstract
  Anatoly Gladun | Julia Rogushina 21-31
- Realization of All-Optical Discrete Cosine and Sine Transforms Using MMI Structures on an SOI platform Abstract
  Trung-Thanh Le | Laurence Cahill 32-39
- A Comparative Study of Acceptance and Use of ICT among University Academic Staff of ADSU and LASU: Nigeria Abstract
  Oye, N. D. | A.Iahad, N. | Ab.Rahim, N. 40-52
- The Flushing Time of an Environmentally Sensitive, Yanbu Lagoon along the Eastern Red Sea Coast Abstract
   Alaa M. A. Albarakati 53-58

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