Use of Ontological Analysis for Student Skills Control in E-Learning: Semantic Web Approach

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Author(s) Anatoly Gladun | Julia Rogushina
Pages 21-31
Volume 1
Issue 1
Date January, 2012
Keywords Ontology, Intelligent Agent, Semantic Web

The important elements of effective learning are control of student skills and ability for retrieval of new information relevant to subject domain of learning. We propose to use the domain ontology as an instrument for student skills examining. Students have to build the personal domain ontologies and thesauri of examine discipline (on base of natural language texts relevant to subject domain – lectures, textbooks, manuals etc. ) and then compare them with reference ones that are built by tutor. Analysis of student mistakes allows to propose them personalized recommendations and to improve the course materials in general. Personal ontologies are improved in process of learning and can expand the reference ontology according to personal skills and knowledge of student (fir example, by terms in other languages known to student). In future this ontology can be used for personificated informational retrieval in corresponding subject domain.

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