Second Low Analysis of Annular Sector Ducts in Fully Developed Laminar Flow Under Constant Wall Heat Flux

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Author(s) Alireza Falahat
Pages 85-90
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords Entropy; Annular sector duct; Laminar flow; Pumping power.

In this paper, the entropy generation of a fully developed laminar flow in annular sector ducts with constant wall heat flux is investigated. Entropy generation is obtained for various aspect ratio (ε), various sector angels (2φ), various wall heat flux and various Reynolds number. It is found that with the increasing aspect ratio (ε) and sector angels (2φ) values, total entropy generation and pumping power at fixed Reynolds number increases and with increasing wall heat flux values, total entropy generation increases, however, pumping power decreases.

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