Animated Green Vitriol Can Transmute Copper (Cu) into Special Copper

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Author(s) Ramakrishnan Madhusoodanan
Pages 105-108
Volume 1
Issue 2
Date February, 2012
Keywords animated, alchemy, bonded, copper, collision, fusion.

Animated green vitriol is one of an intriguing research subjects in modern sciences. A study was performed by artificially bonded 3 gram of an alchemical green copper sulfate had collision with the 300 grams of pure copper (Cu, 96.95 per cent purity) could be transmuted into special copper after the normal fusion process at >1083 °C. The study was conducted on January -2011, at the material research lab, Traditional Alternative Medicine Research Center TAMRC-INDIA, Alleppey- District, Kerala, India. The study was evaluated that, the characteristic qualities related to the ordinary copper (cu) before used in this experiment could be changed into special copper.

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