A Novel Architecture of Ontology based Semantic Search Engine

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Author(s) Paras Nath Gupta | Pawan Singh | Pankaj P Singh | Punit Kr Singh | Deepak Sinha
Pages 650-654
Volume 1
Issue 12
Date December, 2012
Keywords search engine, semantic web, ontology, crawler, indexer, query processor.

The word wide web is a rapidly going and changing information source. Its growth and change rate make the task of finding relevant information harder. With the dynamic nature of WWW, for a given query the set of relevant web pages web pages is also dynamic, it leads to problem of scalability the assumption of accurate sufficient static image of the web is reduced with its change. Most of the search engines failed to user satisfaction for relevant, complete and updated information. On the part of search desirable to generate the searching technique to get the improvement in the regency and coverage of search engines. In this paper architecture of a search engine is proposed which may lead the user relevant web pages. This architecture uses ontology, semantic based web so as to help user to draw relevant information through search engines.

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