Experimental Evaluation of the Earth's Magnetic Field in Lapai, Northern Nigeria

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Author(s) M.T Tsepav | Ishaq Yusuf | Gana Usman
Pages 655-661
Volume 1
Issue 12
Date December, 2012
Keywords Convection, magnetic field, magnetic storm, Lapai

The earth’s magnetic field is a natural and an ever changing phenomenon due to the continuous convectional activities that take place within the earth. When the field is so intense and it interacts with the atmosphere, magnetic storms occur. It is therefore necessary to monitor the field within one’s vicinity. The magnetic field intensity within Lapai, Nigeria was determined using an experimental approach. Three experimental set ups were used and the average magnetic field obtained was 34.91±1.13µT. This result agreed, within the limits of experimental error, with the estimated result by the National Geophysical Data Centre for Lapai (latitude 9003'00''N and longitude 6034'00''E at an elevation of 162m) which was 33.9178 µT within the same period of investigation. This value portrays no danger of magnetic storm in the area.

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