Diversity of Lentic Freshwater Catfish at Chhatarpur City Madhya Pradesh, India

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Author(s) Ashwani Kumar Dubey
Pages 411-414
Volume 1
Issue 8
Date August, 2012
Keywords Ichthyodiversity, Freshwater, Catfish, Species, Climate change

From the last decade the pond has been suffering from the resource of water due to decline rain fall, variable climate, and geologic conditions. Thus, so many of areas of the India suffer from severe water shortage like Chhatarpur. Ichthyodiversity increases the economic success of the fisheries pond and implies that the area has become more efficient. A fish are not only useful as source of food, medicine, and economic value but also plays a crucial role in the second tropic level of the aquatic ecosystem. Therefore, in the present investigation preliminary observations of the Catfishes were carried out in the different water body of Chhatarpur city. Following species were found initially viz Wallago attu, Ompak bimaculatus (Bloch) Clupisoma garua, Mystus seenghala, Mystus aor, Mystis vittatus (Bloch), Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch), and Clarias batrachus (Linneus), an unequal distributions were observed.

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