Investigation on the Corrosion Performance of Nickel Electrodeposited Tempered Steel Substrate

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Author(s) Momoh I.M. | Olateju O.O. | Oloruntoba D.T.
Pages 400-404
Volume 1
Issue 8
Date August, 2012
Keywords Electro-deposition, Electroplating, Substrate, Tempered.

The investigation into the corrosion performance of nickel electroplating of low carbon steel substrate in Na2CO3 environment was studied. The substrate was heat treated at various tempering temperatures, plated with nickel for 30 minutes and subjected to corrosion in Na2CO3 solution. The microstructure and weight loss technique were adopted to evaluate the corrosion susceptibility of the substrate Na2CO3 medium. From the results, it was observed that the rate of corrosion of nickel plated tempered low carbon steel substrates is significantly low compared to the control (i.e unplated) sample, couple with the good mechanical properties of the steel confirmed it a good option for engineering applications.

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