Existence of Sandstone Deposit in Isihor Village Area of Edo State, Nigeria

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Author(s) Ezomo, F.O. | Aiyohuyin, E.O.
Pages 405-410
Volume 1
Issue 8
Date August, 2012
Keywords Existence, sandstone deposit, Isihor Village, Schlumberger array techniques, manufacture purposes, apparent resistivity data, thicknesses, operations and drilling.

The existence of sandstone deposit, in Isihor Village Area of Edo State, Nigeria was investigated geophysically by employing the Schlumberger array techniques of vertical electrical sounding (VES). The need to prospect for sandstone deposits became imperative in order to solve unemployment problems for the citizen of the area by way of setting up chemical industry that rely on sandstone as raw material for its manufacture purposes. This investigation actually entailed carrying out ten (10) fairly distributed VES operation in six (6) different stations by employing six (6) points per decade for each of the VES to justify the operation of collecting apparent resistivity data. The resulting apparent resistivity data obtained was then interpreted by using the software or package IP12WIN utilising computer iteration. The result of the geophysical survey showed that sandstone deposits were intercepted at depths varying from about 50.0m to 120.0m while the thicknesses varied from about 10.0m to 45.0m. The resistivity of the sandstone formation varied from about 2000 ohm-m to 5500 ohm-m. Area of probable sandstone formations and their thicknesses have been identified especially for future mining of industries foundation, operations and drilling.

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