Experimental Study of Multistage Coupled Oscillators

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Author(s) Kazi Tanvir Ahmmed | R.M.Murad Hasan
Pages 189-196
Volume 1
Issue 4
Date April, 2012
Keywords Coupled Oscillator, Locked Frequency, Phase tuning, Normal Mode

To gain high power in a desirable higher frequency, combining a number of identical elements have been a good practical solution. In recent years significant effort has been carried out to combine independent oscillators coupled together. When these oscillators are coupled together the complexity of the whole system increases due to the fact that interaction between the elements occur in several ways with exchange of power, frequency, phase, amplitude or other. This paper presents the necessary conditions to be met while coupling group of independent oscillators together. A number of identical oscillators will be designed and implemented to couple them in variety of ways. The experimentally observed relationships will be compared with the existing theoretical results to advance the understanding of this important issue.

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